Gua Giri Putri & Meriam (Astiti/Dariusman, 2005)

In 2005, Ni Komang Astiti & Dariusman Abdillah published an article on the temples of Nusa Penida in connection to their natural surroundings. For the entire Indonesian article, please click here. The English translation on Giri Putri Cave by Godi Dijkman follows below.

Gua Giri Putri

'Giri Putri Cave is located near the settlement of Karangsari, Suana. The entrance to this cave is rather narrow and one has to crawl to get into the cave. The inside of the cave, however, is spacious. This cave is likely the place of yoga (semedi) as within the cave many places are found for worship and the practice of yoga. It is very dark inside, but at the end of the cave there is a large opening, and it is not known whether the wall at the far end of the cave was intentionally opened or whether it was like this originally. There, towards the end, there are places of ceremonial worship used by Hindu worshippers, but also by the Khong Hu Chu, given the presence of a statue of Dewi Kwan Im.'

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Images above (25, 27): Team members performing Hindu rituals, on an elevated platform within the cave Gua Putri, before initiating their research; Menhir at Gua Putri located in the vicinity to the statue of Dewi Kwan Im

Gua Meriam

'This cave at Suana dates back to the Dutch colonial period and is located exactly in front of the beach. Many roofs of old houses are still seen here, made of concrete, corrugated iron, and 'bata' stones. At the mouth of the cave, there still is a 'meriam' from Dutch colonial times facing the sea.'

astiti 17 foto28Image left (28): Gua Meriam, an old relict of Dutch colonial times, at Suana


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