Pura Goa Betel, Ceningan

Photographic impression of Pura Goa Betel, Ceningan. Given Karl Helbig's observations that the smallest of the Nusa Penida islands Ceningan was still uninhabited by 1940, it seems strange that below article should appear in the category 'Archaeology'. However, perhaps this positioning is understandable as the (most important) temples of Nusa Penida, including those on Lembongan and Ceningan, have been included in this section.

A detail worth mentioning - for birders - is that on one of below images, the Collared kingfisher (Todirhamphus chloris) seems to take a liking to this sea temple. All photographs by author Godi Dijkman, February 2009.

goabetel02 frontgoabetel01 front

goabetel03 seaview

goabetel06 godgoabetel05 interior

goabetel07 limestonecoastgoabetel04 kingfisher

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