Awig-awig (Sudaryanto 2019)

How customary regulations in Nusa Penida are protecting the Bali Starling

This article deals with the role of Customary Village Regulations (Awig-awig) in the conservation of Bali Starling on Nusa Penida. Authors Sudaryanto et al. (see below) state that these regulations are instrumental for the conservation of this bird.

Bali Starling Behaviour (Sudaryanto 2015)

Bali Starling behaviour at West Bali National Park & Nusa Penida

This article, written by Sudaryanto and published in Jurnal Veteriner in September 2015, compares the behaviour of the Bali Starling in West Bali National park & Nusa Penida studied 2001-2002 (West Bali National Park) and 2014 (Ped, Nusa Penida).

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