Bali Myna (Sudaryanto, 2009)

The article below on the Bali Myna is a publication by biologist Sudaryanto, Department of Biology FMIPA at Universitas Udayana, published in 'Prosiding Seminar Nasional MIPAnet 2009, Bali 13-­14 Agustus 2009'. It discusses the distibution, behaviour, nesting and habitat of this bird in both West Bali National Park (TNBB) and Nusa Penida. To enhance comprehension, many of below data have been converted into tables by Godi Dijkman. The (adaptation of) the abstract and the translation of the original Indonesian text - which follows below - was done by Godi Dijkman.

Paradox of the Bali Starling (Wheeler, 2009)

The Paradox of the Bali Starling.

Catherine Wheeler on Bali's most fabled and highly-prized mascot

Bali's most famous bird is also its most elusive. The species is highly endangered. But the rarity of the Bali starling in its own territory has been contrived to maintain an artificially high price. The cost of these birds is higher inside Indonesia than anywhere else, and breeding permits here are almost impossible to obtain.

Bali Starling: West Bali National Park (2009)

The two articles below, in The Bali Times (November-December 2009) shed light on the struggle of the Bali Starling in its original habitat, the West Bali National Park (TNBB). Allegedly, the wild population in 2009 was around 80 birds but is under threat, yet again. This time, the threats are high-voltage electricity lines & pipelines.

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