Tighter Rules for Starling Trade (Jakarta Globe, 2013)

Tighter Rules for Starling Trade

(Jakarta Globe, 10 December 2013) Solo. Conservation officials in Solo, Central Java, have imposed new rules for the trade in the critically endangered Bali starling, in a bid to stamp out the illegal practice of passing off wild-caught birds as captive-bred ones.

Poor Little Bird (NRC, 2014)

Journalist Lucas Brouwers writes an article on the Bali Starling in Dutch quality newspaper NRC, Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 September 2014 (Science quire, p.W7). Despite its scientific pretentions, the title 'Poor little bird' does not match the contents and seems arbitrary and rabble-rousing. The objections to the introduction of the Bali Starling in Nusa Penida discussed in the article below, voiced by bird expert Bas van Balen, are underpinned by merely two arguments, one of which is refuted by the bird expert himself. Translation from Dutch into English by Godi Dijkman.

Bali Myna (Dijkman, 2014)

Godi Dijkman describes recent breeding and release developments of the Bali starling in 2014, in Nusa Penida and the West Bali National Park. Below article was published in BirdingASIA no. 22, December 2014, which only reached its readers second half of March 2015. The author wishes to thank both Bayu Wirayudha at Friends of the National Parks Foundation (www.fnpf.org) and Nana Rukmana at the West Bali National Park for their invaluable information. More information on FNPF conservation endeavours for the Starling can be found at: http://www.fnpf.org/what-we-do/nusa-penida-bali/wildlife/bali-starling-conservation-project. In addition, recent information on breeding projects of this beautiful Balinese bird by the Begawan Foundation (Sibang, Bali) may be found at: www.begawanfoundation.org/?idm=8.

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