Bali Starling (Van der Zon, 1980)

A.P.M. van der Zon published a report on the Bali Starling (1980), entitled: Bali's Endangered White Starling. It is a report on the dire condition of the starling in West Bali Game Reserve. Surprisingly, long before the introduction of the starling into Nusa Penida in 2006, Van der Zon mentions the presence of this bird on this island. Alas, footnotes to this article seem to be missing.

Bali starling (Whitten, 1996)

Bali starling (Whitten 1996:227-231)

Bali's only endemic bird is the stunningly beautiful crested Bali starling Leucopsar rothschildi, which is white with black wings and tail tips, and has blue facial skin. It was discovered only in 1911 (Stresemann 1912), and even at that time its entire distribution was apparently confined to the western tip of the island, east to about Bubunan nearly 60 km away, where the first-known specimen was shot.

Bali starling all but gone from Nusa Penida (OBC, 2015)

The Oriental Birding Club's magazine Forktail (no.31, 2015) reports that the Bali starling has virtually disappeared from Nusa Penida, apparently as a result of poaching. This article (p.5) is part of a larger article (P1-12) entitled 'Trade-driven extinctions and near-extinctions of avian taxa in Sundaic Indonesia', written by J.A.Eaton, C.R.Sheperd, F.E.Rheindt, J.B.C.Harris, (B) van Balen, D.S.Wilcove & N.J.Collar.

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