The Lay of Jaya Prana (Hooykaas, 1958)

Below article is a rendering of excerpts from 'The Lay of Jaya Prana, The Balinese Uriah', by C.Hooykaas, with English translations. Adaptations for readability and for purposes of research: modern Balinese, Dutch & Indonesian spelling. THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER REVISION.

Goesti Pandji Sakti (De Kat Angelino, 1925)

Below is a rendering of a Dutch article 'Goesti Pandji Sakti'. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, the following adaptations have been made: modern Balinese, Dutch & Indonesian spelling, grammar & punctuation; as a rule, this also goes for geographical names, except when there is uncertainty regarding spelling.

Balambangan (Lekkerkerker, 1923)

As historical background, below follows a rendering of Dutch article 'Balambangan', by C. Lekkerkerker (1923), in: Indische Gids, 1923, Jrg. 45, deel II, p.1030-1067. To enhance readability and for purposes of research, following adaptations have been made: spelling & grammar = modern Dutch; names = modern Indonesian (except titels): Balambangan = Blambangan, Mengoei = Mengwi; Baliër = Balinees etc.; (n) refers to the Note directly below.

Middeljavaansche Historische Traditie (Berg, 1927)

Below Dutch book is a rendering of famous University Ph.D thesis (loosely: 'The Central Javanese Historical Tradition') by C.C. Berg (1927). It is published here as valuable background information to the history of Gelgel, Bali. The book can be downloaded from, where a basic text is available. However, this text is poorly 'assembled', hence below revised version.

Adaptations to enhance readability & research include: modern Dutch spelling; names of people and places into modern standards in Balinese, Indonesian and Dutch: Blangbangan = Blambangan, Madhura = Madura, Koetoeran = Kuturan, Ayam-(W)Uruk = Hayam Wuruk, Kadiri = Kediri, Batan-Jruk = Batan Jeruk, Saganing = Seganing, Mesoela = Masula, To-Langkir = Tohlangkir, etc.; ç = s (except in quotations). '(n)' refers to a note directly below (italics).

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