Botany (1923-1941)

Botany on Nusa Penida between 1923-1941

Below document is an attempt at rendering the botanical findings of writers and researchers on Nusa Penida between 1924-1941 in a structured manner. Please, refer to sources at the bottom of this page.

Porites Coral Growth Rates, Nusa Penida (Kusuma Tito 2016)

Kusuma Tito et al. describe the growth rate of Porites coral in Nusa Penida over a period of 42 years, between 1971 and 2012, in relation to sea surface temperatures (SST). The team conclude that, overall, only one out of five researched colonies had a significant correlation with seawater temperatures. Other possible local factors impacting on growth rate are precipitation, nutrient or food availability and salinity.

Obituary: Tony Whitten (2017)

Tony Whitten - a ‘delightfully disruptive’ fighter for bio-diversity, especially in Asia, died at the age of 64, in a cycling accident in Cambridge (UK), December 2017. Tony is a renowned conservationist, worldwide.

Holy crabs of Nusa Penida (Whitten, 2015)

This 'holy' crab species (Karstama balicum & emdi, or Sesarmoides balicum), first found in Nusa Penida in 1994, was identified by P. Ng Kee Lin in 2002, after it was realized that the type series of crabs described as K. emdi (Ng and Whitten 1995) contained this additional species.

Jatropha rhetoric for farmers (Bali Post, 13 October 2009)

The latest news on the Jatropha farmers in Nusa Penida, Klungkung, who suffer from continuous sultry weather should receive more appreciation. The cultivation of Jatropha trees (Jatropha curcas) was promoted by the Bali Provincial Government and a number of journalists and technicians were invited to see a Jatropha plantation in Cirebon, West Java, December 2006.

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