Kentung Cave, Adegan Kawan

Below photographic impression is part of the geology section of Nusa Penida concerning Kentung Cave, named after Pak Kentung - owner of the land on which the cave is located - Adegan Kawan, south of Ped, Nusa Penida. These caves are common on Nusa Penida and a delight to discover. The underground Nusa Penida Karst landscape, typical for the island, is best observed here. Kentung Cave offers a wonderful view to the interior of the caves formed in the Pleistocene limestone soil of Nusa Penida.

For biologists and nature conservationists, the following findings in this cave may prove of interest: the moulded skin of an Asian Reticulated python (Python reticulatus), hundreds of Horseshoe bats (Rhinolophidae) and the Tailless Whip-scorpions (Amblypigids). The cave is only a 30min walk from the Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary at Ped, and the FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation) will be glad to accompany you there. All photographs by author Godi Dijkman, February 2007.

kentungcave01 entrance

kentungcave06 interior mankentungcave07 interior

kentungcave10 entrancecavekentungcave12 bats 

kentungcave11 batskentungcave08 stalgmites

kentungcave03 pythonskinkentungcave04 pythonskin

kentungcave14 taillesswhipscorpion

kentungcave13 entrance insidekentungcave09 viewtobali 

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