Babad Nusa Penida (Buda, 2007)

The article below is a preliminary translation from Indonesian into English by Godi Dijkman of a book called 'Babad Nusa Penida', written bij Jero Mangku Made Buda & a 'Spiritual Group' (Kelompok Spiritual) consisting of Jero Mangku Nyoman Napan, Jero Balian Wayan Tarin, Jero Balian Ketut Menan & Wayan Wirta, published in 2007. All images and titles by the author Buda, 2007.

Bake, a sea monster from Suana (Weda Kusuma, 2002)

I Nyoman Weda Kusuma, in: 'Mitos Bake di Desa Suana, Nusa Penida', 2002, p.303-304, given the English title of 'Bake, the mythological monster at Suana', describes the mythological creature 'Bake' succinctly as an enormous being with black hair and terrifying face. According to the inhabitants of Suana, the monster lives in the sea east of their village and it is always on the lookout for victims around their village. He has a foul breath smelling of fish, which the inhabitants of the village are able to smell from a long distance.

Sompang Copperplates (Kerthayasa, 2009)

The Downfall of King Dukut

Below summarised translation is based upon a poem (Gaguritan) written by I Gusti Made Kerthayasa. He based this story of the Jelantik Family at Ped upon copperplate inscriptions briefly described above. The translation of the original Balinese text into Indonesian was done by historian Ida Bagus Sidemen.

Mecaling’s genealogy (Shemara, 2008)

Below story is taken from (copies of) handwritten notes in beautifully clear 'grand' letters, written by Shemara on 2 January 2008. From the way the story is recounted, it is likely that these notes have been translated into Indonesian from a Balinese lontar.

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