Macaling's Supernatural Power (1940/1988)

Kawisesan I Macaling

The original document of five pages was photocopied at Pusat Dokumentasi (Pusdok Denpasar, 2007) and was transcribed for computer by Benyamin Poho Pabala (Denpasar, November 2009). On the front page there is following information: 'Pemerintah Propinsi Daerah Tingkat I Bali, Pusat Dokumentasi Kebudayaan Bali. Alih Aksara Lontar Kawisesan I Macaling. Unit Pelaksana Daerah (UPD), Pusat Dokumentasi Kebudayaan Bali, Propinsi Bali, Denpasar.' The document carries the number 151 (collection Pusdok) and an illegible stamp "Pemerintah ..." PDKA. Nomor: IIId. 1489/17. Collected by (Verzameld door): Kirtya Ontv.: Typed (Getikt): 30 Agustus 1940 by (door): Gusti Nyoman Ngurah Prongot, checked by (Nagekeken door): I Kt. Kaler, Typed again by (Ditik ulang): 26 Agustus 1988 oleh Ni Made Sarini. English and Indonesian translations are forthcoming.

Bali Bondan, Nusa Penida (1997)

Below lontar (palm) leaf inscriptions were copied or transcribed by man of letters Ida I Gdé Catra's daughter-in-law I Déwa Ayu Puspita Padmi on 23 November 2007, after an earlier version by I Wayan Dreupa/Drupa of 15 November 1997. Indonesian and English translations are forthcoming.

Babad Nusa Penida (Buda, 2007)

The article below is a preliminary translation from Indonesian into English by Godi Dijkman of a book called 'Babad Nusa Penida', written bij Jero Mangku Made Buda & a 'Spiritual Group' (Kelompok Spiritual) consisting of Jero Mangku Nyoman Napan, Jero Balian Wayan Tarin, Jero Balian Ketut Menan & Wayan Wirta, published in 2007. All images and titles by the author Buda, 2007.

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